StormVue Lightning Tracker

Here we present live storm data and sferics generated by data recorded by our weather station in South Indian Ocean, Isle of Mauritius. This is recorded in real time using a Boltek Storm Tracker PCI lightning detector, and we are currently using Astrogenic Systems NexStorm, Astrogenic Systems StormVue 1.54XE software applications.
The Boltek PCI StormTracker works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning. These are the same signals you can hear on an AM radio during a thunderstorm. The Boltek PCI StormTracker's direction-finding antenna provides direction information while storm distance is calculated from received signal strength. Special processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information.

There are three viewer controls available at the top of the display:
(1) History: 30 minutes and 60 minutes (default) -(2) Range: 300 km and 600 km (default) -(3) Event: Loop Stop (default) or Run


Strikes Total is number of Strikes in the selected History Period
TRAC Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition sub process
Ranging A computational process used to determine strike locations
+ CG Positive cloud to ground strike
- CG Negative cloud to ground strike
+ IC Positive in cloud or intra-cloud strike
- IC Negative in cloud or intra-cloud strike

Although we strive to get accurate data, this lightning data is only approximate and should not be used for safety applications. Strike and storm locations indicated and alarm statuses are as accurate as possible, but may be erroneous and should not be used to safeguard personnel, equipment or data.